H2QartbigH2Q (H2Q Technology™) by Sports Science Synergy, LLC uses a patent-pending algorithm to easily estimate individual runner sweat losses with >90% accuracy, thus preventing under- and over-drinking and maximizing performance and health in a way that no other technology can. For active people and athletes in particular, avoidance of over-drinking and under-drinking are strongly recommended for optimal health and performance. There are millions of runners who train daily and compete regularly in thousands of annual endurance road races. Runners are encouraged by major sports medicine organizations to know their sweating rates and to tailor drinking behaviors accordingly to avoid the potential dangers of over- and under-drinking. A large market of hydration monitors, hydration tracking apps, and smart water bottle technologies purport to estimate body water needs, but none thus far can be applied with fidelity to inform the needs of individuals. As an example, as many as 1 in 3 runners using Endomondo or Runtastic Pro running apps, which incorporate a less rigorously developed sweat prediction equation, would be at risk for over-drinking to the point of potentially requiring medical treatment for hyponatremia.

H2Q was created by an internationally recognized hydration science expert. H2Q was built from a complex combination of biophysical and physiological models but reduces to a simple, proprietary equation that integrates two offloaded inputs from a variety of third-party wearable fitness tech, health app, or weather app sources. Novel, high fidelity sweat loss metrics have great market potential and H2Q is a natural complement to wearable tech, health app, and smart water bottle markets. H2Q is designed for running exercise, but validated equations have also been developed for walking, cycling, and swimming exercise, thus broadening the potential user base considerably. A modified version allows race directors to use H2Q for water planning logistics and a version for team sports is also in development. The first company to have exclusive rights to H2Q will gain a significant competitive advantage over the larger space of wearable fitness tech, mobile health app, and smart water bottle industries.  Licensing opportunities available.

*Sports Science Synergy, LLC, recently assisted Nike scientists with using H2Q to forecast sweat losses and drinking rates for Breaking2 runners in different training and competition scenarios (Nike’s Breaking2 Project).

Consumer Need Existing Technology Disruptive Technology (H2Q)
•  Exercise sweat losses must be replaced for optimal health and performance

•  Thousands of long distance road races held annually in the U.S.; millions of runners train daily to prepare and compete

•  Over-drinking can threaten health (hyponatremia); under-drinking can impair performance (dehydration)

•  Athletes should know their sweat rate and drink accordingly

•  Simple, accurate estimate of individual sweat losses is a holy grail of sports tech

•  Growing market for like-tech

•  Mass balance measurements (body weight, fluids ingested, urine excreted) are a highly impractical standard

•  Smart bottles and water tracking apps provide no information about body water losses (intakes only)

•  Sweat patches cannot estimate  whole body sweat losses accurately

•  Wrist-worn hydration sensors unproven

•  Existing sweat prediction equations are inaccurate and can lead to serious over-drinking in particular

•  Easily incorporated into existing wearable fitness-tech or health/fitness app platforms

•  Natural complement to smart water bottle technology

•  No added user complexity

•  > 90% accuracy

•  Improve performance (prevent dehydration)

•  Sustain health (prevent hyponatremia)

•  Estimate water losses in advance (different venues)*

•  Estimate water losses in real time

•  Plan water needs for team sports and road race events


H2Q is currently being designed for API licensing and integration into existing wearable and fitness app technologies.  It will also be made available as a responsive web app for individual stand-alone usage.  Sweat prediction activities include walking, running, cycling, swimming, and soccer.  H2Q beta testing is targeted for completion in Fall/Winter 2019.  Questions?  Please email: info@sportssciencesynergy.com.