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The role that nutrition plays in sports performance has intrigued me since I was a boy.  Could ‘Wheaties” really make champions?  Did a pre-game banana prevent muscle cramps?  Were protein powders needed for muscle growth?  Later in life, I became a registered dietitian, gained experience as a university sports nutritionist, and earned advanced degrees in nutrition and exercise physiology.  On the very good advice of a trusted mentor, I applied and was accepted for a post-doctoral research position at the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, where I became a commissioned Army Officer (2000-2005), a research physiologist in the Thermal and Mountain Medicine Division (2000-2018), a heat and hydration subject matter expert for the Department of Defense (2006-2019), and Deputy Chief of the Biophysics and Biomedical Modeling Division (2018-2019).  Sports community and industry touchpoints, a restless curiosity, and an entrepreneurial spirit led me to leave federal service and create my own business – Sports Science Synergy, LLC.

Through SSS, I combine 20 years of diverse research and publishing experience and apply my knowledge of exercise, nutrition, and environmental physiology on a freelance basis.  To help individuals and companies achieve their goals, I provide advice, guidance, and analysis of research, products, projects, and programs.  I also offer unique and ready to integrate hydration management sports tech solutions and business partnership opportunities within sports beverage, apparel, wearables, fitness app, and closely related industries.

Current and Former Clients of Sports Science Synergy, LLC 

  • Bitome
  • Boston Athletic Association
  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • Entrinsic Health Solutions
  • Flow Bio
  • Gatorade Sports Science Institute
  • Nike

Services Offered

  • Serve as SME on advisory boards
  • Scientific due diligence for consumer product markets
  • Research study design and data analysis strategies and advice
  • Review and editing of draft manuscripts
  • White paper writing
  • Liaison for collaborative research partners
  • Preparation and/or presentation of scientific content at professional meetings
  • Consumer product ideation and development
  • Creative thermal modeling solutions

Business Partnership and Licensing Opportunities

  • Road Race Water Planner©
  • Patented H2Q™ algorithm
  • De novo creation of custom sweat prediction algorithms and water planning for sports

Contact Information

Samuel N. Cheuvront, PhD, RD, FACSMSam Pic
Founder & Principal
Sports Science Synergy, LLC


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