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Sports Science Synergy, LLC is owned and operated by Samuel N. Cheuvront, Ph.D., R.D., FACSM. Dr. Cheuvront is a freelance sports, nutrition, and environmental physiology consultant and the creator of H2Q Technology™, the Road Race Water Planner app©, and was part of the team that developed the Soldier Water Estimation Tool (SWET) app to assist the Army in water planning for Soldiers. Dr. Cheuvront has published > 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers related to hydration, sweating, and exercise performance and is an internationally recognized hydration expert. Dr. Cheuvront’s consulting services include advice, guidance, review and analysis of research, products, and programs in the nutritional, exercise, and environmental physiology sciences.  Dr. Cheuvront is a consultant to major athletic organizations, sports beverage, and sports apparel companies.  He most recently worked on Nike’s Breaking2 Project (Nike’s Breaking2 Project).


Soldier Water Estimation Tool (SWET):


Supporting Science:

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